Reclaiming My Bank Charges … Part 2

August 15, 2007 at 14:28 | Posted in OI!!! Give it back ... ! | Leave a comment

Last week, after 3 weeks waiting for a response from Alliance + Leicester to my request for
all the details of the excess bank charges levied to my account, I actually received a bit
more than I was originally expecting. I thought that I’d get maybe 2 or 3 pages listing
only the charges, but what I actually got were full copies of ALL my statements.

Essentially, there were 28 pages (29 if you include the covering letter) listing every single
transaction since the account was opened in December 2005. Which means, should A+L
use any delaying tactics after I’ve asked for my money back (which is highly likely) and
the situation turns to legal action, I have now got all the info that may be requested
by the county courts and/or any lawyers that might get involved.

Last time I posted an article here about my A+L bank charges, it was a random selection
of account statements over a ten month period from August 2006, in which I found a
total of £452 in charges for unauthorised overdrafts and bounced DD payments.

The full amount of charges from all my statements comes to a not so grand total of £503.
I was expecting it to be a fair bit more than that, but at least I now know exactly how
much I can claim back from the corporate greed A+L have exercised against me.

Now, I’m off to compile a list of the actual charges, and a letter (using a template letter
from to give A+L upto 14 days to pay me back my money.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on further developments.

Best Regards,
DJGM1974 – a.k.a. Greg Mitchell.

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