It’s been quite some time . . .

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. . . since I last posted anything on this ‘ere weblog. TBH … I had almost forgotten about it.

There have been some developments regarding my ongoing effort to get a refund of my
bank charges from Alliance + Leicester, and thanks to the test case between the OFT
and several major UK banks, I’m not much ruddy closer to acheiving my goal!

I’ve sent 2 refund request letters, the 1st of which, got a stock reply, which boiled down
to A+L effectively saying “We’re waiting for a decision in the test case … so F*** off!” … !

The 2nd letter, which outlined my intention to pursue county court action, but also offer
an olive branch of me possibly accepting a moderately reduced refund … was ignored.

So, it seems like I’m going to have to wait for that decision too. But I’m NOT giving up.
The total amount of charges now due is £614, not including interest … or Greg Tax!

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